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Weddings FAQ

Do you hold weddings 7 days a week?
We hold weddings Monday through Saturday, even holidays, but only one per day. However, discounts do not apply during Spring Break weeks and there is a $100 premium added on major holidays. Please call to check availability, or to make an appointment for a tour.

How much notice do you need to hold a wedding there?
Depending on availability, we can arrange for a two-person wedding in as little as 24 hours. We need a few more days for larger weddings. Call for availability, however, since we book up fast.

Can we have an evening wedding?
Due to our Inn guests checking in or returning to rest after a long day of sightseeing, we only hold weddings in the afternoons from 2:00 - 4:00 pm, or 1:00 - 4:00 pm for our largest packages. Please note: We only host one wedding per day and we don't do whole house rentals for weddings.

Can we bring wine/champagne?
Yes. We do not have a liquor license; therefore, we provide a sparkling juice toast; however, you may bring champagne or wine for your toast. Please note that for the two-hour weddings, only three or four bottles are usually needed for a 20-guest wedding, and we ask that you do not bring other types of alcohol for the weddings. If you are an Inn guest, you may bring other alcoholic beverages into your room for personal use.

Can we bring our own music?
Yes. Please bring a CD or iPod and mark what you want to be played before or after the ceremony. Otherwise, we do have a large music selection, from classic to contemporary wedding music.

Can we choose our bouquet color?
Yes. We generally use roses for the bouquet and you can choose your color. We often mix in other flowers, such as fall flowers, if so desired, but the basic packages are priced to include a rose bouquet and a rose boutonnière for the groom. If you have a different flower in mind, feel free to ask us about it and the additional cost, if any, for the upgrade.

Can children attend?
Yes. Although we do not allow children to stay at the Inn, they are permitted to attend the weddings. Children are not allowed upstairs due to safety reasons, such as low railings, in the 122 year-old building, and to respect the privacy of our Inn guests. Of course we ask that parents keep a watchful eye on their children since there are many areas with glass, which could cause injury.

Do children count as part of the total number of guests?
Yes. If they are not an infant in a carrier, they count. If you are having trouble keeping your guest list down, you might consider making it an adults-only event. That way your guests can just relax and enjoy their time. Even our own children find the inn to be a boring place for kids.

Can out-of-town guests stay and visit past 4:00 pm?
We apologize for the inconvenience, but all wedding guests who are not staying at the inn overnight should plan to leave by 4:00 pm. Room check-ins arrive at 4:00 and we promise all our Inn guests peace and quiet in the evenings.

Can we pay for extra time?
We are unable to prepare rooms for earlier arrival and our inn guests check in at 4:00 pm, so there is really no window to allow for more time. Rest assured that our package times are appropriate for the wedding size. Often wedding guests are ready to leave 30 minutes before the time is up, which is why we will coordinate everything to be sure that your cake is served before guests start to leave.

Do we need a photographer or will you take pictures?
For wedding packages for the bride and groom only, we can take pictures and put them on a CD for you, if you do not have a professional photographer. Please note that we are not professional photographers. We have a good camera and we will do our best to capture your special day. The Inn is not to be held liable for any equipment failures.

For couples with larger packages that include guests at the wedding, we DO NOT take pictures since we are busy attending to your guests. Of course, your guests may take additional photos or you may prefer to hire a professional photographer. We have some recommendations who provide nice packages for the Inn and do a great job. Of course, you may bring your own photographer as well. We will help him/her find the best locations for pictures.

Do we need a wedding coordinator?
No. That's what we are here for! We handle everything, except we allow you to deal directly with the caterer (if a sit-down meal package is purchased). We provide contact information for hair and makeup, photographers, and caterers. We do the flowers, the setup, the decorating, the music, the direction of the ceremony and reception. No need to make time schedules or worry if all is moving as planned - we will handle it for you. Elegant, relaxed, and stress-free - that's our aim for our couples.

Can we have a rehearsal?
Since we host over 150 weddings per year, there isn't really an opportunity to fit in rehearsals. However, since we host so many weddings, we also know just how to make your special day run smoothly. We will coordinate everything and we give any bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls or ring bearers on-the-spot training so they know what to do. Honestly, rehearsals always seem to go more smoothly than the actual event, so no worries—we'll do it right the first time.


Can we bring our own minister?
Yes. Please let us know in advance that you will have your own officiant.

How early can we arrive the day of the wedding?
The room will be ready one hour before the ceremony. For most wedding packages, that is 1:00. For the larger, three hour packages, it is noon. Brides usually arrive with hair and make up done and only use the room to slip on their dress and wait until it is time to make her entrance. We ask that wedding guests do not arrive prior to 20-30 minutes before the ceremony so that we can most efficiently prepare and set up for the wedding. Most likely we will have served breakfast that morning to Inn guests and must clean that up before we set up, so we are usually too busy before the ceremony to chat.

What if we have scheduled an outdoor wedding and it rains?
In the case of poor weather, we are able set up inside for up to 20 guests. If you have a package with more than 20 guests, the wedding and reception will still be held outside under a canopy and in the wedding tent. And remember, it's San Antonio - it rarely rains!

Is the room included in the wedding package?
Most of our weddings include the Once Upon a Dream room for preparation and the couple may stay the night in that room, if they wish.

Can we have a bridesmaid and best man?
Yes. We can easily accommodate a bridesmaid and a best man for all packages; even another bridesmaid and a groomsman are easily accommodated in indoor weddings. Outside there is enough space for up to four on each side. Please note that bridesmaids and groomsmen count as part of the total number of wedding party guests.

Can we have a flower girl/ring bearer?
Yes. If bringing rose petals, please use silk, rather than real ones for indoor weddings for the protection of the inlaid hardwood floor. We have basic colors in stock here that the flower girl can use as well. For outside weddings, we use real petals.

Who seats the moms?
Due to the fact that we often have military or destination weddings, where both sides of the family are not always able to be represented, we take a more relaxed approach and generally don't make a fuss over the seating. Guests generally sit where they want as long as they keep places open in front for the parents. If you would like to formally seat the moms, please let us know in advance. The groom and/or groomsmen generally seat the moms at more formal weddings.

Do you provide a sit-down dinner?
For most packages of over 20 guests, we provide tables, linens and place settings for a sit-down meal in our wedding tent through an approved caterer. Our smaller wedding receptions (under 20 guests) resemble a cocktail party, where guests mingle inside and sit in the parlor or dining room since there is not enough space inside to set up tables for all the guests.

Can we rent the entire inn and change the wedding time?
Due to wear and tear on the historic inn, we do not host whole house rentals for events.

Can we bring our own cake?
Yes. However, most people find that what we charge for the cake is far less than anywhere else since they are made in-house. In our experience, we have found that transporting the cake results in a melted or broken cake. Consider bringing a groom's cake if you have a specialty-type cake that you would like on your special day. Our cakes are decorated with flowers to match the bouquet, are made with buttercream icing (but look like fondant) and the fillings are all made from scratch. You can choose your filling: strawberry, raspberry, chocolate fudge, custard, pineapple or lemon.

Can we bring our own food?
We only allow food from our own kitchen or approved caterers, and only for specific wedding packages. (Ask us for details.)

Can we bring our own decorations?
The historic inn is elegantly appointed and we decorate the arch for outside weddings and fireplace mantel for inside weddings, so we ask that you don't bring decorations; however, you may bring in photos, favors, programs or something for the cake table, if you wish.

Do you provide cake or food tastings?
Unfortunately, due to the fact that we make everything fresh the day of the wedding, there aren't samples to taste.

Can we bring a cake topper?
Remember that the cakes have a six inch topper, so a small topper would work, such as the silver initials or heart, but anything beyond 3 to 5 inches tall is generally too large.

What kind of serving ware do you use?
We use vintage glass luncheon sets for the appetizers and punch, white china dessert plates for the cake, silver flatware, and glass champagne flutes. For plated dinners, we elegant glass plates.

Can we take the leftovers (if any)?
For the appetizer packages, we are pretty good about fixing the right amount for the guest count. If meals are catered, and there is some leftover, we can send that with you.

What if we must cancel our wedding?
Unfortunately, we have been forced to implement a tougher cancellation policy in order to assure that we do not have couples holding future dates and then changing their minds. Weddings require a 50% deposit which is nonrefundable.

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